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2186 Lamberton Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH, 44118
United States


The Usonian Hive

Frank Lloyd Wright embraced the word Usonian to describe a particular U.S.-born free spirit of simplicity – a natural minimalism in architecture, connected to place. Could he have learned his philosophy from bees? In HIVE & COOP’s Usonian, a banding of handcrafted beams project and recede in a rich shadowbox play of light. Bas-relief woodworking creates the subtle surprise of a signature bee insignia. Crowned by a shining barrel vaulted copper roof vented for winged entry and exit , the Usonian becomes sculpture, landscape, home.

The HIVE & COOP standard BeePeek™ feature invites you to unlatch one dropdown side panel to preview the teeming colony in operation, as well as revealing a convenient work surface. Incorporate BeePeek Bright™, an optional second dropdown panel to further illuminate the hive interior and supply an additional work surface.

Available with either top bar or standard Langstroth frame interior. Hive length breathing screen at base.  Basic or coordinated stand options. Please inquire about further customization or to discuss a made-to-order concept of your own. Pricing, estimates, measurements and finish options available upon request.

Enjoy flocks as much as colonies? HIVE & COOP creations for chickens and birds coming soon.

Questions: Please contact Timothy Riffle: 216.789.2998 /