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2186 Lamberton Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH, 44118
United States


The Urbanite Hive

Showing the same muscle and gumption that made steel, cars and American cities, HIVE & COOP’s Urbanite beehive has a hard-working grace as industrious as its inhabitants. Deliberately utilitarian by design, yet far from ordinary. Self-assured color and all-business hardware converge where work meets passion. Two galvanized roof vents facilitate all tenant comings and goings. A hale and hardy statement for town or country, The Urbanite is at home atop a building, on a terrace, in a backyard or meadow. Imagine a skyline of these vivid hives—a brilliant queue in Cornflower (shown) or a whimsical variegated column.

Employ the standard HIVE & COOP BeePeek™ feature by unlatching one dropdown side panel to preview the bustling colony, as well as reveal a convenient work surface. Incorporate BeePeek Bright™, an optional second dropdown panel to further illuminate the hive interior and supply an additional work surface.

Available with either top bar or standard Langstroth frame interior. Hive length breathing screen at base. Multicolor palette available, including custom. Basic or coordinated stand options. Please inquire about further customization or to discuss a made-to-order concept of your own. Pricing, estimates and measurements available upon request.

Enjoy flocks as much as colonies? HIVE & COOP creations for chickens and birds coming soon.

Questions: Please contact Timothy Riffle: 216.789.2998 /