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2186 Lamberton Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH, 44118
United States


Distinct Dwellings for the Barnyard and Backyard

Designer beehives, chicken coops and more

It’s true, we are what we eat.

And since you’re visiting, I know that matters to you. It matters enough that you’re willing to be a link in the chain of life and raise some of your own food.  

That’s what my grandfather believed, too. He started Riffle Rabbitry in 1933, in Whiskey Hill, Ohio, putting long-ears on family farms, in city yards, anywhere there was a patch of green. Three generations later, I continue in his spirit. A master woodcarver—and fellow believer in artful agriculture—I’m putting HIVE & COOP by your side for homesteading or hobby.

Yes, I make sturdy, snug and interesting homes. But they’re more. They’re a celebration of being connected to the land—a visible presence of the joy we feel when we walk out into our private farmyard. And when your neighbors see a flutter of wings or hear a busy buzzing, I think they’ll join in the celebration.

Call it urban farming. Call it designer agriculture. HIVE & COOP calls it a beautiful way to live.

Timothy Riffle